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December 23, 2010

Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Art Preview #6

With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to give you one last art preview for the M&M Hero's Handbook that will be available for pre-order within the next few days. I'd hoped to have it ready to go for this week, but between proofing the book, designing a new logo or two, and getting a flier ready for the retailers to participate in our Pre-Order Plus program, well, things took a bit longer than planned.

The extra time means the book will look that much better, but it also allows me to show off some more art -- this time you'll be seeing some of the pieces from the book that include the villains of Emerald City I talked about in brief last time.

The Sentinels vs. Fallout!

Xeno, the Rook, Ultramarine, and Vortex attacking Fallout

This illustration appears on page six and starts the book off with a bang! Here we see some of the Sentinels taking on Fallout. I knew this image would appear early in the book and I wanted to show off some of the heroes and give a sense of the action, adventure, and powers typical of an M&M series. Fallout definitely rates as a big-league bad guy (PL14), so having all the Sentinels ganging up on him is warranted. Besides, considering he's flying over a nuclear power plant, he can't have anything good in mind!

Mongrel Takes On Tribal!

Mongrel pouncing on Tribal

This illustration appears on page 59, which is where we start discussing Defenses and Initiative in the book, so I wanted an image that illustrated those concepts. In this case it's Mongrel attacking and -- apparently -- getting the drop on Tribal! Guess who won initiative and guess who's vulnerable? I really like the way Mongrel is pouncing in this.

Xeno Confronts Cerebrus Rex!

Xeno firing his eyebeams at Cerebrus Rex

This illustration appears on page 86 and shows Xeno using the Move-by Action advantage while firing his eye beams (eye beams!) at Cerebrus Rex's patented Dino-Mech Control Unit (okay, that's not actually a thing, I made it up for this illustration). This image really blew Steve and me away. Cerebrus Rex looks great -- totally ridiculous, but totally cool -- and his robot dinosaurs are fantastic! If I were a super-hero, I'd want to fight them!

At the Mercy of Doctor Shock!

Ultramarine, stripped and on Doctor Shock's exam table

This illustration appears on page 149 and shows you what can happen when you take the Removable flaw. Ultramarine's been captured, stripped of her armor, and is about to suffer an uncomfortable "exam" at the hands of Doctor Shock! Now he looks like a bad guy! See what I meant last time when I said he's like a cross between Frankentstien's monster and Lex Luthor?

That's all the art for today, but you'll see some sample pages posted in the next few days and then be able to pre-order the book shortly thereafter. You should have the hot, fresh PDF in your virtual hands before the end of the year. Check back over the weekend and early next week to see what's new!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Green Ronin and we'll see you in the New Year!

Jon Leitheusser
M&M Line Developer