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December 10, 2010

Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Art Preview #5

Welcome to the fourth installment of our art preview for the new Mutants & Masterminds Hero's Handbook. You can check out parts one, two, three, and four at these links. Go ahead. We'll wait. So, last time we looked at the first color image Imaginary Friends Studio sent us, and this time we'll see how they incorporated our feedback into the image.

We're Missing Something

In the earlier previews I've shared information on the Sentinels, the new Emerald City setting for M&M, and the Emerald Knights adventure that kicks off our Heroes Journey series, but what are we missing?

Right, villains!

The art inside the Hero's Handbook features a dozen new villains that live and "work" in Emerald City. And while I'm not going to give away everything about them, I figured I'd give you a quick overview. Then, when you get your hands on the book you can match names to faces.

Cerebrus Rex: A super-intelligent Tyrannosaurus Rex from a parallel world where dinosaurs become the dominant species? Check!

Doctor Shock: A man on a mission, and that mission involves hunting down super-humans. Doc Shock is like Frankenstein's monster combined with Lex Luthor with electrical powers. Nice guy.

Doubletime: What do you do when you gain super-speed powers that are killing you by making you age at an accelerated rate? Squeeze the most out of life: become a villain!

Ersatz: A proper gentleman if there ever was one, but when he snaps his fingers he transforms into a warped version of any hero he can see. He's like Bizarro in a can.

Fallout: Irradiated madman bent on showing the governments of the world the error of their ways--by making them glow in the dark.

Junkpile: A giant garbage golem, or maybe that should be "garbage elemental." Regardless, he's huge, powerful, unpredictable, and might be related to Freedom City's Dr. Metropolis.

Killshot: Sex and death in a single package. Assassin for hire with low-level speed and accuracy powers combined with training as a Mossad agent.

Madame Macabre: Scream queen turned powerful sorceress. But she still has the same bad fashion sense.

Mindfire: A psionic woman with fire-like effects for her powers. She's what you'd call fodder for other villains.

Pack-Rat: A rat man with a penchant for building gadgets and collecting cast offs--including a gang of street kids who steal for him.

Tribal: The ability to gain the powers of any animal in the world never looked so cool!

The Rubber-Bandit: Who says stretching powers are lame? When you're a sneak-thief and second-story man, they're perfect!

You'll see all these baddies in the art for the M&M Hero's Handbook, but the next place you'll see some of them is in the new Threat Report series of PDFs we'll start releasing every Wednesday (new comics day!) starting in January!

The Cover: Final Color

Here we are at the last cover preview and this one is hot!

As you can see, they toned downed the ominous thing to a more of a comic-book level, but they amped up the awesome on everything else! All of the characters look great! And seriously, how many of you want to play one of these guys?

M&M3 Final Cover

I love the little twinkle coming off one of Princess' sequins, but everyone looks so good it's hard to say who looks best.

I hope you've enjoyed these previews, but that's it for now. By the time you're reading this we should be mere days away from the pre-order for the M&M Hero's Handbook, so keep your eyes open. Then you'll get a chance to see all the great art inside the book!

Now, go be a hero!

Jon Leitheusser
M&M Line Developer