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Mutants & Masterminds

Mutants & Masterminds Errata, Corrections, & Updates

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Updated: 10/04/04

Title Page: Under Playtesters "Brian Meyers" should be spelled "Brian Myers"

p. 8: Using This Book
Remove the words "or not" from the first sentence.

p. 9: Important Terms
Change these definitions to read as follows:

check: A method of deciding the result of a character's actions. Checks are based on a relevant ability, skill, power, or other attribute. To make a check, roll 1d20 and add any relevant modifiers. If the check equals or exceeds the Difficulty Class of a task or the result of an opponent's check, the check succeeds.
damage: Any harm caused to a character by an attack, power, illness, or other source.
effect: The result or outcome of using a particular power. Effects define a power in game terms.
Hero Points: Points players can spend to gain a bonus with particular actions.
stack: Combining multiple modifiers for a cumulative modifier. In most cases, modifiers to a given check or roll stack. If the modifiers of a particular roll do not stack, only the best bonus or worst penalty applies. Power level applies a limit on how high a stacked bonus from powers may be.

p.10-17: Hero Archetypes
See the Revised Hero Archetypes file at http://grfiles.game-host.org/files/heroarchetypes.pdf for updates. [PDF format, opens in a new window]

p. 21
Insert the following sidebar at the end of this page:

Option: Reduced Skill Costs
Generally Mutants & Masterminds characters rely on their extraordinary ability scores (particularly super-abilities) for their skill bonuses. However, some Gamemasters may wish to run a more skill-heavy game with a focus on less superhuman characters. In this case, the cost of skills should be reduced, with one power point granting character two or three skill ranks rather than just one.

p. 25: Intelligence
Delete the words "a lot of skills, particularly" from the second sentence.

p. 32: Craft
Add the following to the end of the Check section:

The difficulty class and time required to make a particular item depends on its complexity. If your Craft check succeeds, you have made the item. If the Craft check fails, you did not produce a usable end result, and any raw materials are wasted.

ComplexityCraft DCTimeExamples
Simple151 hourelectronic timer or detonator, tripwire trap, bookcase
Moderate2012 hoursradio direction finder, lock, engine component, shed, furniture
Complex2524 hourscell phone, combustion engine, bunker
Advanced3060 hourscomputer, jet engine, building

It is up to the GM what items characters can make with Craft skills. As a general guideline, if an item has any point value as a device, the player should either pay a Hero Point to use the item in an adventure, or purchase the Gadgets power for the character to use such items on a regular basis.

p. 45: Replace the feat’s description with the following:

When making a Damage save, you can choose to use your Reflex save bonus in place of your Damage save bonus, avoiding an attack through agility and defensive maneuvering rather than sheer toughness. You cannot evade the damage of area attacks and the GM may rule that there are certain other attacks you cannot evade. You cannot use Evasion if you are denied your dodge bonus to Defense for any reason.

p. 47: Photographic Memory
Change the Prerequisite to Int 15+ or Super-Intelligence.

p. 48: Rapid Healing
Change the +2 bonus to a +1 bonus. Add the following at the end of the Special section: "So you recover your Regeneration power rank plus one in hits per minute if you have Rapid Healing."

p. 48: Skill Focus
Prerequisite: Trained in the chosen skill.

p. 49: Talented
Prerequisite: Trained in the chosen skills.

p. 50: Blindsight
Prerequisites: Blind-Fight or Super-Senses.

p. 52: Penetrating Attack Replace its description with the following:
One of your attacks is more effective at penetrating Protection.
Benefit: Choose an attack. Targets of that attack must make a Damage saving throw even if the attack's damage bonus is less than the target's Protection bonus. Impervious Protection (p. 97) works normally against Penetrating Attacks.
Normal: You ignore attacks with a damage bonus less than your Protection bonus.

p. 53: Radio Broadcast
Prerequisite: Radio Hearing.

p. 53: Scent
Prerequisites: Wis 13+ or Super-Senses.

p. 53: True Sight
Prerequisites: Wis 13+ or Super-Senses.

p. 56: Power Costs
Under "Extras" change the second sentence of the second paragraph to read: "For example, if Sean adds the Protection extra to Protonik's Super-Strength (already at rank 10), he must spend 10 power points, one for each rank Protonik already has, before increasing Protonik's Super-Strength another rank (which now costs 5 points per rank because of the Protection extra).

Change the fourth sentence of the third paragraph to read: "Growth (with a cost of 6 points per rank) increases the cost of Shapeshift by 5 points per rank as an extra (Growth's normal cost, minus 1).

p. 59: Table 5-1: Change the cost of Leaping 1 per rank.

p. 60: Duration
At the end of this section, add: “Permanent powers cannot be improved using extra effort (see p. 105).”

p. 61: Absorption
At the end of the first paragraph, add: "This power is considered a Protection bonus for stacking purposes."

In the second paragraph change the word "absorb" to "store" and insert "absorbed" before the first use of "damage bonus."

In the third paragraph, change "the absorbed energy" to "stored energy."

Under "Energy Conversion" change the first sentence to: "You can convert absorbed energy into a specific type of energy such as light, heat, sound, and so forth as a free action."

p. 61: Alternate Form
Under Energy form, drop the words “If you prefer” from the beginning of the second sentence, so it starts “You have an Energy Field…”

Under Liquid form, change "Amazing Save (Damage) (below)" to "Protection (p. 79)"

Under Semisolid form, add "like the Strike power (p. 84)" to the end of the last sentence.

p. 61: Amazing Save
Duration: Permanent.

p. 62: Animation
Under Animate Shadows change "and Damage bonus" to read "and Damage save bonus".

p. 62: Armor
Duration: Permanent.

p. 63: Boost
Change the third sentence to: "You gain bonus ranks in that attribute equal to your Boost power rank. For ability scores these are ranks in the appropriate super-ability."

p. 65: Deflection
Action: Half

Delete the last sentence of the first paragraph. (You can move in the same round you deflect, but the number of actions you can take in a round limits you.) Replace the Automatic extra with the following:

Rapid: You can use Deflection as a free action rather than a half action. This allows you to deflect without a readied action to do so. For an additional extra, you can use Deflection as a reaction, taking no effort on your part. You can deflect without a readied action and suffer no penalties for deflecting multiple attacks in a round.

Density Control
Cost: 6

p. 66: Disintegration
Insert the following before the last sentence of the power description: “Constructs (p. 117) can make a Reflex saving throw to negate the effects of Disintegration. A failed save means the construct suffers hardness loss like any other object.”

p. 68: Duplication
In the last sentence of the first paragraph on this page, change "You duplications" to "Your duplicates." Delete the word "usually" from the first sentence of the second paragraph.

Under the Horde extra, change "feat" to "extra."

p. 68: Element Control
Change the Elemental Blast power stunt to an extra.

p. 69: Energy Control
Change the Disintegration extra under Sonic and Vibration to a power stunt.

Change the Energy Blast power stunt to an extra.

Replace the following Energy Type descriptions with the next text below:

Electricity: You can conduct electricity with a Damage bonus up to your power rank harmlessly through your body and any conductive material (such as water or metal) that you are touching. Anyone touching you or the material (up to Normal range) must make a Damage save to avoid the electricity’s Damage bonus.

Fire: You can cause flammable objects (paper, wood, etc.) within range to burst into flames. Doing so requires a ranged attack roll and inflicts damage equal to your power rank. You also can cause existing flames to move as you direct within range, causing them to “leap” up to your power rank times 10 feet.

Kinetic: You can generate and control kinetic energy, the force of motion. You can move objects at a distance like a use of Telekinesis at your power rank.

Radiation: You can generate and control radiation. Note that this is “comic book” radiation, visible as a glowing light with the effects of intense light and heat. Your radiation doesn’t cause radiation sickness, cancer, or genetic mutations like real-world radiation. You can surround yourself with an Energy Field (p. 70) of radiation at your power rank.

p. 72: Force Field
Cost: 2

Change "a Damage save bonus" in the first sentence to "Protection."

Under Mental Shield change the text to read: "Your force field provides Mental Protection (p. 75) equal to its rank."

p. 72: Gadgets
Change this power ‘s description to read:

You have the ability to come up with the right device for any occasion. You can allocate your Gadgets ranks to any power with a base cost of 2 or fewer power points per rank simply by taking a half action and spending a Hero Point. You cannot apply any Flaws to this power to reduce its cost. You may apply extras, but this divides your power ranks by the number of extras, plus one. So one extra divides your ranks in half, two extras by three, and so forth. Any fractional ranks are dropped. If this reduces power rank below 1, then you cannot create a gadget with that power. You may divide your power ranks between multiple powers as desired, but each separate power requires a half action (but only one Hero Point, regardless of how many powers the Gadgets ranks are allocated to).

Example: Gimmick has a utility purse that holds a variety of crime-fighting devices (Gadgets +10). With a half action and a Hero Point, Gimmick can pull virtually any sort of device from her utility purse, from acid to eat through metal bars (Corrosion) to smoke grenades (Obscure) or shark-repellent (Mind Control).

Like all variable effects (see p. 94), the Gamemaster should carefully monitor and control the use of Gadgets, and has the right to veto a particular use of a gadget if it is inappropriate for the series.

Note that Gadgets includes the Device flaw in its cost, so it cannot be applied to it again, and individual Gadgets, while still devices, do not receive a reduction in cost.

p. 72: Growth
Change the power’s description to read:

You can increase your size. Each rank in Growth gives you a rank of Immovability (p. 73), Protection (p. 79), and Super-Strength (p. 86). Every four ranks of Growth also increases your maximum size category by one, increasing your movement speed by 10 feet, and your reach by 5 feet.

p. 72: Healing
Change the Extras to read as follows:

Regrowth: You can cause subjects to regrow lost limbs or organs. The subject makes a DC 20 Constitution check with a bonus equal to your Healing rank. A successful recovery check means the limb or organ regenerates. You can make only one Regrowth check per subject per day.
Resurrection: You can restore life to the dead! The subject makes a DC 20 Constitution check with a bonus equal to your Healing rank. A successful recovery check meaning the subject’s condition improves from dead to disabled (and may improve further normally). The subject permanently loses 1 point of Constitution, which may be restored by spending earned power points. A failed check means you cannot try again. You can only use Resurrection on subjects that have been dead no longer than your power rank in hours.

p. 73: Illusion
Add "For two extras" at the beginning of the Damaging extra.

p. 73: Incorporeal
In the last sentence of the first paragraph change "attack (melee attack, ranged attack, Energy Blast, etc.)" to "effect (such as unarmed attacks, iron weapons, a specific energy type, etc.)"

Replace the description of the Ghost Touch extra with the following:

Ghost Touch: This extra is applied to another power, rather than Incorporeal. It allows you to use that power to affect the physical world while you are incorporeal, with a rank equal to the power’s normal rank or your Incorporeal rank, whichever is less. Powers with Ghost Touch can also affect Incorporeal targets as if they were solid.

p. 74: Incorporeal
Add the following to the end of Phase Attack: "Protection provides no benefit, but a Force Field has its normal effect (reducing the DC of the Fortitude save)." At the end of the Permanent flaw add the following text: “Your Incorporeal power must have the Continuous extra in order to apply this flaw.”

p. 75: Mental Blast
Change the third sentence to read: "The target's Wisdom bonus rather than Dexterity bonus applies as a dodge bonus to Defense."

p. 75: Mental Protection
Duration: Permanent.

Delete the words "as well as your saving throw bonus" at the end of the first paragraph.

p. 76: Mind Control
Change the second sentence of the second example to: "Argent now gets a Will saving throw with a DC of 23 (Ego's original Mind Control check result)." This brings it in line with the power's description.

p. 77: Natural Weapon
Change the range from "Personal" to "Touch." Change the saving throw from "Fortitude" to "Damage."

p. 77: Neutralize
Change the fourth sentence to read: “You cannot neutralize innate powers.” Change the last two sentences to read: "The target makes a Will saving throw or a check with the affected power rank, whichever has the greater bonus, with a DC equal to the neutralizing character's Neutralize check total. Devices make a power rank check. If the attacker succeeds, the target's powers are neutralized."

p. 77: Obscure
Delete the last sentence from the Selective extra. Remove "a number of" from the first sentence.

p. 78: Paralysis
Change the power's Duration to Sustained and the name of the extra to Continuous.

p. 79: Protection
Duration: Permanent.

p. 79: Regeneration
Duration: Permanent.

Change the second sentence to read: "Spread this recovery out evenly over ten rounds, so at rank 5 you recover one stun and lethal hit every other round and at rank 10 you recover one hit of each type per round."

p. 80: Regeneration
Change the Extras to read as follows:

Regrowth: You can regrow lost limbs or organs. Once per day you can make a Constitution check (DC 20) with a bonus equal to your Regeneration rank and a cumulative +1 bonus per previous check. A successful check means the limb or organ regenerates.
Resurrection: You can come back from death! Make a Constitution check (DC 20) with a bonus equal to your Regeneration rank. A successful check means your condition improves from dead to disabled (and may improve further normally). You permanently lose 1 point of Constitution, which may be restored by spending earned power points. You only get one recovery check for Resurrection, if it fails, then you remain dead. You must also specify a reasonable circumstance that prevents your resurrection, such as a stake through the heart, your body being burned to ashes, a holy or blessed weapon, and so forth.

p. 80: Reincarnation
Delete this power. The Resurrection extra of Regeneration covers its effects instead.

p. 80: Sensory Protection
Duration: Permanent.

p. 81: Shapeshift
Change "three extras" to "five extras" under the Growth extra.

p. 81: Shrinking
Add the following after the second sentence: "Your normal movement rate decreases by 5 ft. per reduction in size category (down to an effective speed of 0 at Infinitesimal size)."

p. 82: Snare
Before the last sentence of the first paragraph, insert the following: “A save that fails by more than 10 renders the target bound and helpless.” Make “Dodge bonus” in the second paragraph lower-case (“dodge bonus”). In the third paragraph, change the damage bonus needed to break a snare automatically to "10 or more than the Snare's rank."

p. 82: Sorcery
Add asterisks after the Possession, Mental Blast, and Healing spells and a note at the bottom of the table, reading:

* These spells operate at two-thirds of the Sorcery power rank (rounded down).

p. 84: Super-Charisma
Duration: Permanent.

Under Intimidating Presence, add “plus your ranks in Super-Charisma” to the end of the first sentence. Add “plus your Super-Charisma ranks” after “Charisma bonus” in the first sentence.

p. 85: Super-Constitution
Duration: Permanent.

p. 85: Super-Dexterity
Duration: Permanent.

p. 85: Super-Intelligence
Duration: Permanent.

p. 85: Super-Senses
Duration: Permanent.

p. 85: Super-Skill
Duration: Permanent.

p. 86: Super-Speed
Under Sonic Boom change “Damage save” in the last sentence to “Fortitude save.”

p. 86: Super-Strength
Duration: Permanent.

p. 86: Super-Wisdom
Duration: Permanent.

p. 88: Teleportation
Delete the "Effects: Movement" line.
Change Extended Teleport to a power stunt.

p. 89: Time Control
For Precognition and Postcognition insert "For two extras..." at the beginning of each description (since both powers have a cost of 3).

p. 91: Transformation
Change "three extras" to "five extras" under the Growth extra.

p. 92: Tunneling
Change Rapid Tunneling to a power stunt.

p. 96: Extras
Change the Duration extra to read as follows:

Duration: Each application of this extra improves a power’s duration one step: instant to concentration, concentration to sustained, sustained to continuous. If a power has an original duration of instant, it can be sustained by concentration, taking effect again on the character’s action each round without the need for further attack rolls. So an attack continues to damage the target, for example. If the character’s concentration is broken, the power stops. The target still gets a saving throw against each application of the power.

A power with an original duration of concentration becomes sustained, requiring no concentration, just a free action each round to maintain. If the character is unable to take free actions for any reason, the power stops working.

A sustained power becomes continuous, allowing the power to continue working even if the character is unable to take free actions to sustain it. Gamemasters are cautioned against allowing instant powers (especially attacks) to be upgraded to continuous.

p. 96: Innate
Insert the following extra:

Innate: An innate power cannot be Drained or Neutralized — it is an innate part of the character. The character automatically succeeds on saving throws to resist attempts to Drain or Neutralize the power. A power must have a continuous or permanent duration in order to be Innate.

p. 98: Flaws
Change the Permanent flaw to read as follows:

Permanent: A continuous power becomes permanent. Permanent powers cannot be turned off — even if the character wishes. Permanent powers also cannot be improved through extra effort (see Extra Effort, p. 105). The Gamemaster decides if this constitutes a flaw for a particular power, which must be continuous in duration before this flaw can be applied.

p. 98: Slow: Remove the words “from none to free” from the second sentence.

p. 98: Feats With Flaws: Change “(including power stunts)” to “(except for power stunts)”

p. 99: Step 5
Change the first minus sign in the power cost formula to an equals sign, so it reads: "Power cost per rank = 1 + total number of effects," etc.

p. 104: Travel
Change the example to read as follows:

Example: Marathon has Super-Speed +10, giving him a base speed of 80 feet per round and a sprint speed of over four thousand times that (327,680 feet per round, about 32,000 mph, or over forty times the speed of sound!). At this speed, Marathon can circle the Earth in under an hour.

p. 105: Table 6-3
Change the column headers to: Load, Max Dex Bonus, Check Penalty, Speed, Sprint

Table 6-4
Bump the "Str" headers over one column so it reads "Str 10 Heavy Load, Str 15 Heavy Load," etc.

Hero Points
In the second paragraph, change “free action” to “reaction”.

p. 106: Hero Points
Add the word "entirely" at the end of the first sentence of the Ignore Fatigue section.

p. 107: Weaknesses
Add the following as a subset of the Disabled weakness.

Slow: The character’s movement is hampered due to lame or stubby legs, malfunctioning servos, zombified muscle tissue, etc. A Disabled—Slow character suffers a -5 penalty on Acrobatics, Balance, Jump, Move Silently, and Ride checks. Reduce base movement speed by 10 feet.

p. 112: Python Rifle
Change the final cost in the stat block to 15 pp.

p. 122: Improvised Weapons
Change the second and third sentences to read: "Such objects have a damage bonus equal to the character's Strength bonus or twice the object's hardness, whichever is less. If either the attacker's Strength bonus or the defender's Protection bonus is greater than the object's hardness, the object is destroyed by the attack."

p. 115: Vehicle Cost
Change the first sentence to read: "To determine a vehicle's cost in power points, take its ranks of movement, add any armor or other features the vehicle may have, then add any points of hardness it has greater than its highest other rank."

p. 116: Collisions
Delete the third sentence of the second paragraph.

p. 118: Hardness
Change "hardness 20" in the first sentence to "the construct's power level +5.” At the end of the paragraph, add the following: “Any hardness in excess of 5 is considered Amazing Save (Damage) and stacks with any Protection the construct takes, and is affected by power stacking limits.”

p. 118: Construct Characters
Change the beginning of the second paragraph to read:

Construct characters have the benefits of the following Immunities: Aging, Critical Hits, Disease, Energy (cold and heat), Exhaustion, Poison, Pressure, Starvation, and Suffocation. This has a cost of 20 power points (minus 2 power points per Immunity the character lacks).

p. 119: Sample Construct (PL20)
Under Powers italicize "Power Stunt" and "Extra."

p. 120: Headquarters Features
Under Holding Cells change the end of the second sentence (after the parenthesis) to: "or their basic hardness is increased by half the base's power level."

p. 122: Chemicals
Under Truth Serum "Range (touch" should be "Range — touch"

p. 129: Unconsciousness: Replace the second sentence with: “A dazed character can take no actions, but defends normally.”

p. 131: Damage Reduction
Change the text under this header to read as follows:

Instead of reducing damage bonus, Protection — and related powers like Force Field — provide damage reduction, reducing the amount of damage inflicted. Multiply the Protection rank by two and reduce the damage inflicted by each attack on the character by this amount. If the damage is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points, it has no effect on the character. So a hero with Protection +11 ignores the first 22 points of damage from each attack, and attacks of three or fewer dice don't affect the character at all, except on a critical hit.

Amazing Save (Damage), Super-Constitution, and other bonuses to Damage save do not provide damage reduction. Instead, they increase the character's hit points, adding a number of hit points equal to the power's rank per power level. So a level 10 hero with Super-Constitution +6 and Amazing Save (Damage) +4 has an additional 100 hit points (6x10 + 4x10 = 100).

p. 132: Table 6-4
Correct the headers so they read: Action, Type, and 5-foot step?

p. 139: Hardness: Replace the last sentence with: “Each doubling of thickness increases hardness by +1, so an 8-inch thick stone wall has a hardness of 11 (base hardness 8 + 3 doublings of thickness).”

p. 139: Damage to Objects
The third paragraph should read: "The rules for impossible damage saves (p. 127) do not apply to objects; if an attack has a damage bonus of 10 or more than the object's hardness, the object is automatically broken by the attack."

p. 139: Condition Summary
Remove the entry for Fallen (it's redundant with the entry for Prone).

p. 140: Condition Summary
Under Grappled remove the words "do not threaten any area and" from the last sentence.

p. 142: Trip
Add “your size” between “smaller than you” and “or one size category larger” at the end of the second sentence.

p. 152: Table 9-3
Please delete this table and replace with the following:

Table 9-3: Random Events

d20 Roll Event Type
1-4 Random crime
5-8 Organized crime
9-11 Terrorism
12-15 Disaster
16-18 Personal trouble
19-20 Crisis!

d20 Roll Random Crime
1-2 Assassination
3-4 Murder
5-6 Kidnapping
7-8 Theft
9-10 Mugging or Robbery
11-12 Arson
13-14 Vandalism
15-16 Reckless endangerment
17-18 Car chase (involving police)
19-20 Shootout (involving police)

d20 Roll Organized Crime
1-2 Mob hit or assassination
3-4 Protection racket
5-6 Kidnapping
7-8 Smuggling
9-10 Drug trafficking
11-12 Extortion
13-14 Political corruption
15-16 Hijacking
17-18 Arms dealing
19-20 Turf war between rival gangs

d20 Roll Terrorism
1-6 Organized crime front (roll on Organized Crime table)
7-10 Bombing
11-14 Hostage situation
15-16 Political assassination
17-18 Political overthrow
19-20 Weapon of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, or biological)

d20 Roll Disaster
1-2 Earthquake
3-4 Fire
5-6 Tornado
7-8 Hurricane
9-10 Tsunami/flood
11-12 Plague
13-14 Traffic or shipping accident
15-16 Building or bridge collapse
17-18 Chemical spill
19-20 Nuclear meltdown or accident

d20 Roll Personal Trouble
1-3 Job or financial problems
4-6 Relationship or romantic problems
7-9 Hero's secret identity is threatened
10-12 Hero is vilified in the press
13-15 Villain strikes at a hero (directly or indirectly)
16-18 Hero is framed/set up/mistaken for a villain
19-20 Hero's powers mysterious fade, change, or go out of control

d20 Roll Crisis!
1-3 Supervillain attempts to conquer the world
4-6 Invasion! (from space, the inner earth, another dimension, etc.)
7-8 Earth becomes a front in an alien or extradimensional war
9-11 Cosmic disaster (asteroid collision, solar flare, worldwide disaster, etc.)
12-14 Monster rampages through the city
15-16 Massive breakout or attack of supervillains
17-18 Item of cosmic power falls into the wrong hands
19-20 Threat to the space-time continuum

p. 154: Supporting Cast
Under Police Detective, change the Alertness feat to Talented (Listen and Spot).

p. 155: Supporting Cast
Under Police Officer, change the Alertness feat to Talented (Listen and Spot).

Note some of the characters in this section have equipment ranked higher than their power level. This is allowed by Gamemaster fiat. Non-player characters are not required to obey power level limits as strictly, and “... the Gamemaster has the right to waive or bend any power level limit as needed...” (p. 20).

p. 163: The Fight
Under Teamwork delete the third sentence. Change the beginning of the fourth sentence to: "Captain Thunder may..."

p. 166: Captain Thunder
Change the Animation (only electrical devices) extra to Energy Blast.

p. 168: Siren Stat Block
Remove Profession (Psychologist) +8 from skill listing. Lower Knowledge (oceans) to +8.

Add Elemental Blast extra to Element Control (water).

Remove Elemental Blast from power stunt listing.

Change Element Control cost to 5 pp.

p. 172-177: Sample Villains
See the Revised Sample Villains file at http://grfiles.game-host.org/files/villainarchetypes.pdf for updates. [PDF format, opens in a new window]

p. 183: Contributors

Steve Kenson, Game Designer: Change the first sentence to: "Steve has worked in the RPG industry since 1995 on a wide variety of game lines and over eighty different product. He'd like to thank Chris, Nicole, and Hal at Green Ronin for their support and faith in this project."

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