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August 6, 2014

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Northern Europe (PDF)

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Northern Europe (PDF)A land of harsh winters, dramatic landscape, and ancient magics, Northern Europe is also home to some of the most advanced scientific organizations in the world. The region's diversity has caused it to become a hotbed of superheroic—and supervillainous—activity. Ancient mysticism and modern technology collide, while heroes like Britannia and MacRoth take on threats like Manteis and the monstrous Iku-Turso.

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Northern Europe (PDF)

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May 29, 2014

Atlas of Earth-Prime: The Caribbean

Atlas of Earth-Prime: The Caribbean (PDF)Maybe your heroes need an island holiday? Too bad, since they'll find plenty to do as the Atlas of Earth-Prime takes us to the Caribbean! It is the center for a secret spiritual war between the Loa, the powerful spirits of Voodoo, and stronghold of Siren's arch-foe Baron Samedi. Go up against the Jamaican posse run by the Snowman or help local heroes Coral and Hurican fight criminals and natural disasters. Explore the mysteries deep in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, and visit the fantastic Utopia Isle and its inhabitants. Much more than just a "day at the beach"!

Atlas of Earth-Prime: The Caribbean (PDF)

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May 19, 2014

Super Deals on Superhero Games

Now in our Green Ronin Online Store, you can get great deals on DC Adventures and ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying!

ICONS Superpowered RoleplayingThis summer we'll be releasing ICONS Assembled Edition in collaboration with Steve Kenson's company Ad Infinitum Adventures. In the meantime, you can now buy the print versions of ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying and The Villainomicon! for just $15 and $10, respectively, or purchase them both in a bundle for just $20.

DC AdventuresRPGNow is also celebrating superheroes, with great deals on DC Adventures right now. We have followed suit, putting all four DC Adventures books on sale in PDF and print! Get the PDFs for just $4.95 each, or pick up the print versions of DC Adventures Hero's Handbook, DC Adventures Heroes & Villains Volume 1 and Volume 2, and DC Adventures: Universe, for great prices as well.


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May 15, 2014

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Mexico (PDF)

Chris and Nicole are flying back to Seattle from a well-deserved break on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, so let's welcome them home with a new Atlas of Earth Prime PDF: Mexico!

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Mexico (PDF)Go South of the Border with the Atlas of Earth-Prime to the land of the Snake and the Eagle, where the mysterious mastermind known as Ghostwalker has been shaping mystical forces for generations, powers that are now coming to fruition. The Weeping Woman La Llorona haunts the guilty souls of Ciudad Juarez, the high-tech #Hashtag fights crime (and blogs about it) in western Mexico, while Viento Negro is the dark-clad hero of Monterrey. Who is the dread undead crime-lord Tepalcatli and what are his schemes for the Silent Zone and the Mask of Aztlan?

Note: One piece of art is delayed, but if you pick it up now we'll let you know when you can re-download with the final art.

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Mexico

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Gadget Guides PDF: Get it While it's Hot!

Gadget GuidesIf you haven't got the Gadget Guides PDF yet, you might want to set the alarm in your battle-suit or utility belt. Today is the last day to get it for just $10--tonight it will go back up to $16. If you want to pre-order the print version, you'll still be able to do that and add the PDF to your order for just $5, up until the book gets back from the printer.

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May 8, 2014

Gadget Guides: Pre-Order and PDF

We are pleased to announce that Gadget Guides for Mutants & Masterminds is now available to pre-order in our Green Ronin Online Store. Furthermore, when you pre-order the printed book, we'll offer you a chance to get the PDF right away for just $5 more!

Pre-Order Gadget Guides today!

Or get just the PDF for $16 $10.

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February 26, 2014

Atlas of Earth-Prime: United States of America (PDF)

Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 20: Tom WeathersToday we kick off our next PDF series for Mutants & Masterminds with Atlas of Earth-Prime: United States of America. This 11-page, full-color PDF complete with Hero Lab files is available for sale in our Green Ronin Online Store for just $1.99!

Visit a world not our own, but strangely familiar, a world of heroes and villains, of wonders and dangers, and limitless adventure! The Atlas of Earth-Prime is a trip around the world of the Freedom City and Emerald City settings for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero RPG, looking at different regions and their heroes, villains, features, and opportunities, giving you a whole world to explore for your game. All for less than the cost of a new comic book!

The Atlas begins close to "home" with the nation with the two largest centers of super-powered activity. But Freedom City and Emerald City are not the only places of note in the United States: visit the super-prison Lockdown in Buckner Ridge, TN, or the mystic bayous of Embouchere, LA. Learn about the heroes of New York, Chicago, or San Francisco, or go beyond the ordinary in Midvale, KS, Mystery, NH, or Red Rocks, AZ, located near Magic Mesa. Help clean up the mean streets of Ferroberg, PA, or the halls of power in Washington DC. (For Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition.)

Atlas of Earth-Prime: United States of America (PDF)

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December 23, 2013

Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 20: Tom Weathers (PDF)

Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 20: Tom WeathersToday the latest Wild Cards SCARE Sheet PDF is available for sale in our Green Ronin Online Store, for just $1.29!

He may be the world's most powerful ace, and he's an insane revolutionary devoted to overthrowing the corrupt Western world. No one knows where Tom Weathers came from before he backed the People's Paradise of Africa, and they would be shocked to discover the secret he is hiding from the world. (For Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition.)

Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 20: Tom Weathers (PDF)

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December 18, 2013

Crisis on Christmas! A Free Mutants & Masterminds Adventure

Just in time for the holidays, Steve Kenson has surprised us with Crisis On Christmas, a Third Edition update for this classic Mutants & Masterminds adventure. And best of all, it's free, from us at Green Ronin to all of you.

Free Adventure: Crisis on ChristmasWhat the heroes hope to be a peaceful holiday season turns decidedly strange when Mr. Infamy threatens the beliefs and hopes of children across the world, by holding Santa Claus hostage! If something isn't done, the world may be denied the hope and joy of the Christmas season!

Crisis on Christmas is a holiday-themed adventure intended for a group of four to six power level 10 heroes, although the Gamemaster can scale the adventure to make it suitable for higher or lower level heroes by increasing or decreasing the power levels of the challenges as appropriate.

The adventure is set in Freedom City, but it can be set in any city suited to your own series. All the necessary material to run it is included here and in the Mutants & Masterminds Hero's Handbook.

Crisis on Christmas

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November 27, 2013

Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 18: Little Fat Boy / Ra (PDF)

Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 18: Little Fat Boy / RaToday the latest Wild Cards SCARE Sheet PDF is available for sale in our Green Ronin Online Store, for just $1.29!

When a small town in Texas was destroyed by a nuclear blast, the authorities found a single boy, unharmed, at the heart of the explosion. It wasn't a terrorist strike or a foreign attack, but young Drake, nicknamed "Little Fat Boy," with the power to explode like a tactical nuclear bomb, a living weapon every political power in the world would like to control. (For Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition.)

Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 18: Little Fat Boy / Ra (PDF)

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